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Another wallet carrier here. I hate purses.

Well…that’s not quite true. I hate the concept of the “purse,” where women are supposed to lug around a bunch of junk that men can get away without having to carry. In my pockets (which are in men’s jeans–I tried women’s jeans but they all have tiny pockets) I carry my wallet (with money, various cards and ID) and two sets of keys. My cell phone goes on my belt (it looks geeky but it’s convenient, and anyway I’m a tech-writer geek so I don’t care ).

Problem is, I love bags. Not purse-type bags, but courier bags, backpacks, sling bags…pretty much any kind of bag that’s made out of cordura or leather and isn’t a purse. I have a ton of them. I keep trying to carry them, but it just ends up being inconvenient–either I have to lock it in my desk drawer all day at work or leave it in the car (which isn’t practical anymore since I got an Element and don’t have a trunk anymore). And it just bugs me when people refer to it as my “purse.” I don’t know why, really–I guess I’ve always been a tomboy, and the idea of carrying something as girly as a purse just sounds wrong for me.

Is this person me??? :O Every single thing this person also applies to me. Right down to the liking of bags part. I don’t care about tote bags, but I like messenger bags (and occasionally, backpacks). I have two! One smaller black one that I like because it looks nice (and it was $60) and a larger one that can fit my 15 in laptop+soft, cushy case in. If I were in a post-apocalypse-type situation, I could fill them both with essentials and sling the straps across my body on either side like a hardcore survivalist on a long journey. 😀 (Plus my backpack.)

Only difference from the poster is that I don’t actually find bags that inconvenient. I just don’t like it when my bag is thought of as my “purse” by other people. That black messenger bag? Is a purse apparently. A CD wallet-turned EDC (everyday carry) carrier? Also a purse. I could probably run around town, doing errands with a big, hiking backpack, complete with water canteen and bed rolls and it would still be thought of as a purse. 😐

(And to be honest, I don’t have a lot of stuff I really need with me everyday. Just my cellphone, keys and wallet, which I carry in my jacket pockets. And I like to bring my iPod. The fun part is figuring out what to do when it gets warmer and I won’t need my jacket and my pants pockets are too tiny* to carry my gigantic wallet. I am thinking of cargo pants…)

*Seriously now. Women get “tiny pants with tiny pockets” (Funkymonk’s words) and gigantic wallets the size of a soda can. >:O Why give us pockets if we can’t put stuff in them?