Amanda posted about her upcoming 22nd birthday party next month. Reading it reminded me of the dream I had where I went all stalkerish on her. So with that mind, can you guess what dream I had that night? Yup, it was about someone’s birthday party, but instead of Amanda’s, it was…Jem‘s!

And she wasn’t planning it. Her readers were, as a surprise (she only knew that she was going to have a party, but didn’t know the details). We all communicated on this group-like feature Twitter had (not IRL). It was through Twitter where I told Jem that there would be gorillas at her party (apparently in this dream, she likes gorillas…I don’t know about real life :3). She thought it was very interesting, but when I went back to the Twitter group, pretty much everyone there was up in flames about how one of their secrets for the party was revealed. I thought ‘uh oh.’

And then I realized that now was a good time to wake up. 😛