I went to AX2012!

Funkymonk and I went down to the LA Convention Center with a coworker of his. We took the Metro Red Line from Universal Station and switched to the Blue Line at 7th/Metro to Pico and met up with W88 and the cousins. $5 for an all day pass for the Metro Rail system vs. $12 (?) for parking at the Convention Center…Yeah.

We saw a guy cosplaying as Santa there. :O And of course, there were TF2 cosplayers (and one Pyro cosplayer with a prop relating to Meet the Pyro :D).

Funkymonk and I cosplayed as Rintaro and Kurisu respectively from Steins;Gate. I did cut my hair (although now I think about it, I think I cut a bit too much hair for the bangs), but did not dye it, since red hair coloring will not show up on black. And bleaching it kinda kills it (literally).

We ate at Shinsengumi in Little Tokyo and went back again to the convention center for more AX, which was a good thing because after we used the restrooms, FunkymonkCoworker found that he didn’t have his ID with him. :O Since the only time he took it out was at the check-in, we thought that maybe he might have left it around there unknowingly and wandered around looking for the lost-and-found (the regular one was closed, so they sent us to con ops on the second floor, who sent us to where the regular L&F items are kept, who let him in to check for his ID…they had it :O).

Building pocket-sized websites!

Virtual iPad Jr.

Clients wanted a mobile site along with their regular site. Except I don’t have any mobile devices (other than my Kindle, which comes with an experimental Webkit-based browser). 😮 Luckily I read online that I can download iOS and Android simulators from Apple and Google respectively. The Android simulator was a bit hard to figure out at first, but I did get it working (on the other hand, you can’t use your regular keyboard with it, at least on OS X…you need to use the onscreen one, iPhone simulator lets you use the regular keyboard and doesn’t nom up RAM when opening >:O).

And in the process, also learning HTML5, since Flash will not work on iOS…or Kindle browser…or Android (the client has podcasts and some videos on their site).


I think I will make an HTML5 layout for Giantpaper to celebrate.

(Also I am becoming reacquainted with my Kindle and Journey to the Center of the Earth after testing clients’ beta site on it. I think that might be inspiring me. Somehow.)

Ohhhh, but did I mention? To get the virtual iPhone (which prolly shouldn’t even be called an iPhone since it can’t do phone-like things like call people, but virtual iPhone is much more fun to say nevermind, Virtual iPad Jr. is much more fun to say), I had to download Xcode 4 (I had v3 at the moment).

To download Xcode 4, I had to buy OS X 10.7 (Lion).*

*(Luckily it’s only $30 and I had my birthday money along with an early part of the payment from the clients, for maintaining the current site while the new one is in development).

I tried buying Lion. The App Store would not process my payment info (it said credit card processing wasn’t working, even though I had my Paypal info entered). Luckily, it worked again a few days later, and I was able to buy Lion and download Xcode4.

And the next mission was to find this iOS simulator, which I was not able to find, no matter how many menus I dug through. I wound up looking it up online and found that, oh. It’s in Preferences > Downloads. Why’d you make it so hard to find Apple??? D:

So yeah, I now have Lion. And I finally know what Launchpad is. And Mission Control (Lion’s version of the Start menu in Windows basically). And Facetime.