A Very Capstone Christmas

Apparently, Christmas is here! I was with my Capstone classmates at some kind of amusement park/carnival, standing next to a merry-go-round, when we started exchanging gifts. This caught me off guard, because while I knew Christmas was coming, I didn’t expect to have to give my classmates presents (especially when I already got two presents from a couple of classmates who I don’t interact with much). Immediately, I started to think of who I could give presents too. I put my two groupmates down on the list, since I already felt closer to them than anyone else in the class (having to spend an entire semester on a project together). As I continued thinking, I already knew that it had to be in NICE paper (usually, I get lazy when I wrap presents, and wind up wrapping them in paper grocery bags, with no bow or ribbon—in real life too :P).

Then there was something about a Disney-like parade on a college campus (included Lion King floats and everything).

Däumelinchen/Fruits Basket

Insert some random segment about a German-dubbed Fruits Basket-version of Oyayubi Hime. Tohru was Oyayubi Hime, Momiji was…Gekkou? (the frog with a crush on her) and Yuki was a friend of Momiji’s. It was at the part where Gek—err, Momiji had made her a flower swing and was pushing Tohru on it. Afterwards, the catfish told Momiji that it would be better if Tohru were back at home with her mother…or at least, that’s what was said in the Japanese version. In this German dub, it was because people weren’t allowed to play on other people’s property, even with the owner’s permission. O_o (Note: My German is limited to “nein” and “ich nicht kann _____”. I knew about this through some omniscience powers dreams tend to give us.)

Permanent Vacation

My immediate family, Jeidai’s immediate family, Jeidai and myself were on vacation were we stayed at a couple nice hotels. But because of financial troubles, Jeidai and her family decided to stay at the hotel indefinitely. I started to think of how lucky they were (since it was a really NICE hotel with big showers and everything), but then I started to wonder when they were pick up Jichan and the cats…

An Alien Feeling

I was on some kind of aircraft/alien spacecraft that flew me over the city. It looked like a giant, thick slab of glass with some circular designs etched on it, along with the controls for the craft. I thought it was so cool, until I ended up flying out of the state and eventually out of the country. I ended up somewhere over Europe, which made me think ‘Ehehe…okay, I guess I get to travel to some countries I’ve never been to before!’ But I wanted to go back home, so I tried getting it to fly back over the US. Unfortunately, I never read the manual on how to operate it (who reads manuals? XP). By now, I was starting to regret it, especially when I accidentally flew out of the earth’s atmosphere. :O And trying to get back on the planet caused me to zoom out from the solar system (by now, my mom was freaking out) and eventually our galaxy. In fact, I had completely lost the Milky Way.

I decided to see if I could find it myself (which is going to be really interesting, knowing my directionally challenged self). I ended up going to other planets, only to be moving farther and farther away from the Milky Way. Somehow, my mom was watching all this, and using her panic level, I was able to tell how far away I was from our galaxy. I was also able to tell by how alien the other worlds looked to me. Ex. there was one planet where all the colors I saw were inverted, like a photograph negative, even my own hands. There were also aliens that looked like taller, skinnier Greys sitting in an old 70s-esque diner. That was just about as weird as I could take it, so from then on, I kept my eyes closed and used my mom’s reactions to tell me how close I was getting to the Milky Way. XD

Eventually, I ended up landing on a planet that looked a lot like ours. In fact, it looked exactly like ours, only with tall, skinny Greys in place of humans. One of them took me in, even though we couldn’t understand each other’s language. His house looked like an ordinary house from the American Southwest. And some areas of his bedroom looked a lot like my room. I realized I was so far away from home that I was in an area that tended to resemble home to alien visitors (i.e. me).

I figured I could have the Grey that took me help me out. Luckily, he had several books on actual, existing planets, so I looked through them to see if I could find Earth. I was lucky…maybe a little too lucky. I did find some pictures of Earth, but they were all atlas illustrations (you know, with the national borders drawn in, with the countries in different colors). When the Grey wanted to know what I was looking for, I told him “earth”. He thought for a moment, and showed me an atlas illustration of the US. I was about to nod in agreement, until I realized ‘hey, wait. That’s the US!’ So I tried to look for an actual photograph of the earth, as how people in outer space would see it (since they wouldn’t see the countries as being pink/purple/orange/green…). Then I thought about maybe telling him instead where I was from. But because I didn’t expect him to know where Earth was, I thought about writing it down on paper as “Milky Way > Orion Arm > Solar System > Earth”.

Anyway, my search wasn’t going very well, since I could only find aerial photos of various countries on Earth. And that’s pretty much where I woke up. And just as I was waking up, I thought about some better ways to handle the situation, should I ever end up in the far reaches of space with no idea on how to get home. I also wondered if I should refer to the earth as “Earth”. What if aliens don’t call it that? Should I call it Gaia (which I think is an alternate name for the earth)? XP