In this one, I had a doctor appointment. The doctor was a pretty female doctor, who for some reason, thought I was a guy and kept flirting with me. O.o (Which also weirded me out, because while I know there are people whose genders tend to be ambiguous, I thought it was pretty obvious I was a girl.)

Just before the exam, I needed to take a shower, according to office policy,  since I haven’t taken one in a few days. The doctor, still thinking I was a he led me to the mens’ showers. It was a building on someone’s lawn, and the pastor from our church was giving a sermon across the street. I looked around and saw several rolls of towels on a metal rack and took one. Then I remembered that I was in the wrong shower and left.

The female shower area was much more well-furnished, purple, orange and green walls and matching armchairs. The towels (also in rolls) were on this shiny, wooden table. In the actual shower, I noticed that the building was a lot smaller than I remembered (only about…two feet tall). It was also inflatable, as opposed to being made of concrete. Tired of being squished in there, I tried to use dream magic to either make me think the building was larger or that I was a lot smaller. It worked for a little while after a few minutes, then slowly started to shrink again.

I became fed up and busted  through the roof and yelled about how it felt like being in a dollhouse in here (with extra hamminess for effect). Then I grabbed one of the shower items, turned and left. Then had to turn around when I remembered I left my stuff in front of the building.

The end.