I didn’t remember much about my previous dream. But last night, I set my watch to wake me up at 9am, since I would have to take L to work, and I didn’t want to be so dead tired that I would crash and kill myself or someone else. So at 9, my alarm went off and I was awake and remembered almost every detail about the dream I had seconds before. :O I think it had to do with the fact that I was brought immediately out of that dream, rather than me waking up slowly. Of course, I was also really tired still (Mocha woke up early for breakfast at 6 and 7. And Muffin was up at 6 and wanted to go outside! And so was Peach?! O_o) and went back to sleep. And I forgot everything about that dream. 🙁

Pointless entry was brought to you by boredom. 😀 (Is it bad when you’re at church and your mom leaves and tells you “Okay, see you at home” and you almost reply “Okay, good night”?)