I really don’t remember much about this dream, since I didn’t get to actually thinking about it and writing it down until now. First thing I did this morning: get up, have breakfast, work on Capstone project (which I’ve been doing all morning and afternoon).

I only remember the later half of it actually. I was at Disneyland (which looked more like Downtown L.A.) with some folks. Amanda was one of them. When it was time for us to head home, we all got into our respective cars and left.

While driving, I kept hearing this weird sound right in front of me, as if someone were hitting a blunt object against a wall in a house. I was a bit baffled as to how that could happen, since I was in a car, and how does hitting metal with a blunt object make it sound as though someone were hitting a wall? (At this point, the setting kept switching between the car and an actual house. I think I was getting confused.) I figured that it must be because the car was in front of a wall, and that there was someone on the other side of said wall, hitting it for some reason (yes, the car was moving, but um…I don’t know :P). So I made a sharp turn to get myself out of there. That didn’t do anything, because I still kept hearing that sound, in the same exact location.

By now, I decided I better stop somewhere in case if the source of the sound was some crazed maniac. I remembered seeing Amanda drive in the general direction of her home, so I decided to see if I could find her house. (Since Amanda lives in Melbourne, Australia and since she was able to drive to her house, I guess it’s safe to assume this entire dream took place in Australia. :3)

Disneyland was shaped like a long strip. On one side of the strip was a road that people took to get there. On the other side was what I assume to be Downtown Melbourne, where I was sure I had seen Amanda drive off in and where I was sure she lived. The only way for someone to enter or leave Disneyland was through the road. So yeah, if someone in the downtown area wanted to go to Disneyland, they would have to either go along the road (see image for a better explanation–yes, those trees were there also) or they would have to walk from the downtown area to the amusement park. When I was just a mile from the city, I realized, ‘hey wait a minute. If Amanda really does live in this area, wouldn’t she have walked instead of drive?’ And I got a little discouraged, since I had spent about fifteen minutes on that road and I was probably barking up the wrong tree, as the expression goes.

But I figured since I was so close to the area, I decided to check anyway. And how hard could it be? I would just drive by each house and check to see if Amanda lived in any of them. (And now I think about, I probably would’ve been arrested in real life, if I had actually done something like that. XD)

And that’s when I woke up, while still hearing that weird thumping sound (which turned out to be my dad, hammering against the door to the sideyard*). The end.

*Since our old door was getting so warped and twisted (you had to lean on it full force in order to lock it properly), my dad took out the old doorway and door and replaced everything.

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