I tend to have dreams about various people from school (classmates, faculty, staff). Mainly people from the Art Department, not surprisingly. So last night, I had a dream about half of my Capstone class (including the other two members of my group). :3

For our project, our group met up to have a conference call with the guy we’re doing all this stuff for. We met up in the sewer, since we thought this was a good place to have a conference call (X_x). For some reason, some other classmates from that class were there as well (I recognized some of them—others, while they’re from the Art Department, they’re not in our class).

And in addition to that, the Sailor Senshi (both Inner and Outer) from Sailormoon showed up as well. >8D Earlier, they told us if we were going to have a conference call in the sewer, they would have to come as well, in order to protect us for love and justice against any youma (the monsters in Sailormoon) that might be lurking around. And the other Capstone folks were there for us as well, which made me feel special. 🙂

One of the other two members of my group introduced us and explained to everyone why we were gathered. In the midst of explaining, he stopped and realized that some of us were here at the wrong time, because of something to do with Australian timezones. Then I realized that ‘oh yeah, that makes sense, because not all of us are in the same timezone!’ (No, I don’t see how it makes sense. >P)

So we decided to meet again at another time, much to my disappointment. This was the first time I had ever seen people from Capstone in the same area as the Sailor Senshi (and probably will be the last).

For our next conference call, our group decided to meet at a basketball court at a park—at 6 in the morning. I showed up the night before and camped out (brought my bed, pajamas…). I was hoping to wake up and get dressed before the rest of my group got there, but unfortunately, they managed to beat me. Luckily, they hadn’t seen me yet, so I quickly threw my clothes on over my pajamas and ran down to join them.

The dream ended with us joining the other Capstone groups for breakfast at the same park. The group handling the student show (that’s coming up…soon) was handing out “life” in the form of cookies (and made sure everyone got one), as part of their project. The end.