Had a dream where I was given a bowl of teeny tiny turtles (the largest was about the size of a half-dollar), and I was supposed to choose one as a pet. I didn’t know which one to choose, mainly because most of them were sick or dying. T-T

I think the turtle part came from something I saw at school. I was heading toward the parking lot to get my portfolio, when I saw something on the ground. At first, I thought it was a teeny tiny turtle like the ones in my dream, but it was dead, since its shell was crushed. ;-; But then I saw it was actually a crushed snail shell, but even so, I still felt really sad/disturbed as though I were standing above a real crushed turtle.

As for the sick/dying animal part, my mom and I once went to a pet store at the mall, where we saw a tank full of baby chameleons, where 3/4 of them were sick or dying. T.T