Last night, I saw a rat riding a cat riding a dog while being walked by a human. Well, not surprisingly, I had a dream about it. >8D But it was just a repeat of what I saw in real life, unfortunately (actually, I don’t know how it could get weirder than that…).

And I also dreamt that I was at a relative’s house for some sort of gathering (birthday? Anniversary?). And one of the relatives knew I was a big hippo fan and made sausages that were shaped like ummm…hippos. And not the cartoony, Straw-like* hippos either. They were fairly realistic-looking and it really disturbed me. It wouldn’t have made me feel like that if they were made of some non-meaty product like Jello or chocolate or some other candy, since the sausages are made of meat, just like what hippos in real life are (mostly) made of. It was just too close to the real thing, and I was trying to figure out how to tell the relative that I wasn’t interested in trying it out without offending them, because I wasn’t interested in the one food item they had slaved over specifically for me.

The end.

*Forgot to mention this, but in Giantpaper-lingo, a Straw is any cartoony, non-realistic-looking hippo. It comes from a collection of stuffed hippos I own, who are all named Straw. 😛 Yes, weird, but fun.