Account security, baby!

  1. Use a strong password (16+ characters, combination of letters, numbers, uppercase and lowercase and special characters). Use a password manager like Lastpass, Dashlane, 1Password or Keepass.
  2. Use 2 factor authentication (most places offer SMS 2FA, but using Google Authenticator/Authy is more secure, because phone numbers can be hijacked more easily).

These won’t keep your account from being hacked*, but it can make it harder for bad guys to break in.

*If there’s a security exploit, or the software/online service does something stupid like store passwords in plain text, your account can still be broken into, but that’s why if there’s a data breach somewhere and someone got a hold of people’s passwords, you should change yours, even if your info wasn’t involved.

(Also I’d like to note that people throw the word “hacking” around too lightly. If someone’s account was broken into because they have a weaksauce password, it wasn’t really hacking. Their account just had a weak password. 😐)