Dream: This is Not the Job You’re Looking For

I heard from my mom about a company that was looking for a new computer artist type person, so I applied. Turns out they had a long list for interviewees, so they had me come in and add my name to a waiting list. A few days later, they finally reached my name, the boss/interviewer called me into a separate room.

The entire building was designed to look like a medieval castle, and the room (which I think was the boss’s office) was in a separate tower that was accessed by crossing a bridge over the moat. He took his seat in front of his desk which was directly in front of the window, facing away from it. I sat in front of the desk, nervous about what to say.

Ummm, apparently the boss was part reptile because he kept turning into a snake when the sun started pouring in through the window and was falling asleep. We weren’t even halfway through the interview when I woke up. 🙁