Dream: Lord of the りんぐ

A Ring/Lord of the Rings crossover dream/nightmare about a very, powerful gold ring. Whoever put it on got amazing, evil psychic powers, but putting it on had two downsides: it rots your soul and Sadako comes after you via the TV. 😛 It couldn’t be destroyed so easily (really durable and fire-proof). When I tried stopping a gang leader of a powerful crime ring from putting it on, I thought about flushing it down the toilet, but then realized it’ll end up the sewers where someone else could find it and put it on. But then I woke up before the dream could go on (darn, I shoulda thought about taking it to Mount B-4. Or Cabin Doom :P).

I think this is the best crossover dream I had. I’ve had one with Gundam W and American Girls crossovered (the next day I got a Mario dream as a part 2 to that dream), but it wasn’t as good as this. :3